Talent Development

We develop customized training to enhance existing teams and ensuring all individuals' efforts are fully understood and incorporated into strategic and operational strategies.


We develop tactics and metrics with you and your team that increase transparency and accountability for the board; whether operational or governance focused in practice. We will work with the organization to clearly define and distinguish governance and operational roles and activities.


Let us help you to identify and prioritize your stakeholder segments and partners to achieve short and long-term objectives; including research, planning, metrics and evaluation of engagement strategies.

Our strategies and tactics can teach you how to build trust and effectively ensure you can engage volunteers and volunteer leaders (including boards) to increase corporate and individual participation, influence and investment with your organization.


Do you have the right people in the right roles to move your organization forward? This can be a difficult question to answer in particular when your structure has been in place for a long time. Like everything, time and situations dictate what is relevant and even optimum.

By working with AdvanceU, we start with where you are now and where you want to go. By reviewing organizational plans, goals and structure we can make recommendations on how to work smarter not harder. We want to ensure you are giving and getting the most of and for your people and those your organization serves.


As true believers in continuous growth, we focus significant time on evolving our knowledge of philanthropic and stakeholder relations trends and practices – and we have even created a few. Whether you are looking for advice regarding a project or fundraising method or looking to increase the capacity of your team, we want to hear from you. Together, we can customize the right solution to suit your needs.


Find yourself without a key position and have so much to do? Let us assist you and your team in an interim capacity to ensure your organization is positioned for continued success.

A beneficial tenant of contracting AdvanceU, is our commitment to build upon your organization’s achievements and to support your people through leveraging our expertise, leadership and governance experience in the interim and throughout the recruitment process. This will ensure you get the most suitable candidate, while supporting the workflow within your organization.

AdvanceU will provide Strategic Counsel and direct support through:

  • Demonstrating a high level expertise and experience in key roles to support your current workflow
  • Design and implement organizational assessment tools to understand your current position
  • Recommend and apply business tools to assist the organization moving forward
  • Support recruitment and interview process (as required)
  • Implementation and support of transparent human resources practices (as required)
  • Upon confirmation provide direct support to chosen candidate
  • Let us help you get there faster.