Planning & Analytical Solutions


We will assist the organization and board through the identification, implementation and evaluation of strategic goals and alignment of operational tactics. This is typically achieved through the development Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to increase the knowledge and confidence of boards in the operational activities over a specific period of time.


An organizational review can serve your organization in numerous ways, from informing your strategic planning to improving your organizational communications. Our assessment can include:

  • Staff structure, strength and potential of roles;
  • Internal culture and collaboration;
  • Processes and systems;
  • Planning and goal setting;
  • Fundraising strategies;
  • Stakeholder relationship ‘reach’ and ‘strength’;
  • Market position;
  • Research and analytics;
  • Return on investment
  • A thorough assessment of your organization provides recommendations you need to move forward with purpose, confidence and an expectation of success.


    How are people hearing your messages? Are you having the intended impact? If you are wondering if your communications are reaching your key audiences, give us a call. If your communication are not resonating with your audience, then it is just unappreciated noise.

    We work with you and your team to ensure your messages are understood and memorable. Together, we can develop tailor-made communications strategies and maps to set a strong plan in motion. We will also help you build organizational measures to guide you to increase your communication effectiveness. And in turn, realize the anticipated behaviour from your key audiences.

    Our goal is to best position your organization, through strategic communications, to fully explore your fundraising success. This involves assessing the strengths and challenges of communications across your organization including all mediums and messages, visuals, strategies, tactics, staffing and budget.

    Our communication development includes:

  • E-surveys;
  • Focus groups;
  • One-on-one interviews;
  • Benchmarking.

    We work with you and your team to identify and prioritize your stakeholder segments and partners to achieve short and long-term objectives; including research, tactics, metrics and evaluation of engagement strategies.

    Building stronger relationships with key stakeholders will help you fulfill your mission while modelling behaviour that will help to strengthen your organization's reputation and respect with the clients you serve and your employees.