In teams we worked with and now in our own business, we know partnerships are critical for success. A true partnership is one in which all parties benefit. We commit to work with you to increase the breadth and depth of your current partnerships through effective stakeholder relations and help you to create new partnerships through strategic business development.

Stakeholder Relations

People come together when they have a common connection, belief or goal. It is our belief that your key stakeholders are the truest testament to your organization. What they say and how they advocate for you is marketing you cannot buy. Charities rely on the involvement and support of key stakeholders. This can be the difference in success or failure in fulfilling your mission.

AdvanceU is here to help you take a closer look and create plans to engage and re-engage your key stakeholders: alumni, government, community, professional or trade associations. We will help you develop a two-way flow of communication and create a true reciprocal relationship to ensure enhanced engagement and continued loyalty of your key stakeholders.


Let us help you to maximize your sponsorship dollars. Whether you are new to sponsorship or just wanting to expand your existing program, we offer extensive sponsorship experience.

We can review your existing sponsorship program or develop a framework for your team to use. We will ensure you have an easy to follow process to identify the right sponsorship partners for your organization, prepare a targeted proposal and fully leverage strategies for activation and fulfillment reporting.

Who you select as sponsors says a lot about your organization. We want to support you in raising dollars and shining a positive light on your cause.


We can assist you to position your events to successfully integrate various elements including event planning, implementation, and event execution to ensure alignment with strategic priorities and operational goals to achieve higher Return on Investment in your events.

Business Development

In addition to philanthropic and sponsorships, there are many other means of earning exposure and raising revenue. Are you taking advantage of all opportunities? Let us explore the possibilities with you and your team. We can increase revenue by evaluating the market, your current partners and potential partners. This can include, but is not limited to, social enterprise, affinity partnerships and philanthrocapitalism.