Fund Development

Cash is king: a familiar statement in any fundraising venture. We can assist you and your team to develop and implement solid fund development strategies to reach your full potential. We specialize in utilizing engagement, research and prospect clearance to identify and prioritize your actions with individual and corporate donors.


We want to assist you in the fundraising journey. Whether beginning your efforts or retooling past strategies, we can find solutions to propel your annual and major gifts program results. We will also provide effective tools and metrics to help guide your planning and decision-making. In short, we want to walk with you on the path to raising more dollars and increasing donor loyalty and satisfaction.


Supporting organizations to prepare, implement and celebrate the success is what we do best and Campaigns are something we enjoy most – the excitement, the energy and the opportunity is inspiring. Having led many multi-million dollar campaigns, we know the focus, strategy and effort required to achieve your goal and minimize risk. We are here to coach you, mentor your team or provide campaign leadership if desired.

To ensure you are ready to embark on this journey we can assist you with planning and research required to be successful including your Case Development and completion of a campaign Feasibility Study.


A Campaign Case must capture and motivate your prospective donor. It needs to create an immediate desire and urge to be part of something that will fundamentally transform the lives of others. The Case is your organization’s promise for a better future.

The volume of philanthropic and sponsorship requests is at an all time high. Let us work with you and your team to develop an intriguing Case that will place your cause as the charity of choice for individuals and corporations.


Campaign success depends on many factors. Understanding your fundraising potential and how you are perceived within the market can allow you to leverage opportunities and mitigate risk. We have developed a comprehensive process that tests key success areas by asking the tough questions. Your organization needs to know where you stand to create a plan for where you want to go. Our process involves:

  • Assessment of current resources
  • Review of past fundraising success
  • Support the selection of interviewees
  • Development of Case Statement
  • One-to-one interviews and / or on-line survey with key stakeholders to:
    • Test Campaign priorities, goal and timeline
    • Identify lead volunteers and donor prospects
    • Determine appeal of Case
    • Organizational perceptions
  • Analysis of results and recommendations
  • We will help you establish your Campaign goals and give you the confidence to achieve them.


    In the profession we all understand that your current donors are your best prospects for future giving. We want to help you ensure you retain your donors and with time their commitment and investment continues to grow.

    Stewardship practices are complex and ever changing – just like the people who give these gifts. We can help you enhance your effectiveness by offering targeted stewardship strategies that are of value to your donors and scalable as your donor population continues to expand.

    Whether your stewardship program is robust or you are just starting to identify how you will acknowledge and connect with your donors, give us a call and we would be happy to discuss your needs.